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Lighting design & control


Lighting is an essential ingredient for a positive mood and this is supported by research. There are subtle ways that lighting can affect us and lighting products, such as colour changing light systems, which significantly enhance our home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation. Lighting design is the integration of all lighting to give the right light at the right time in the right place.


We offer well designed lighting layouts and lighting control, so that you have the preferred lighting at all times of the day or night. Lighting control allows you to manage light more effectively, as it provides you with the ability to change the lighting instantly to suit the task.


The lighting is also adjusted to suit the time of year, so in winter months we need more light and in summer months less. A simple concept with a smart solution - the lighting control is intuitive responding to your needs and controlling natural and generated lighting to complement your living whatever the season.


There are several reasons to consider lighting control:

  1. It allows you to combine the control of several lights at the desired dimmed level creating the desired light level to suit the task. For example, if you have a large open plan kitchen living area where you cook, relax, play, entertain, work and watch TV – changing the lighting scene by touching one button will support all those activities more effectively than simply having all the lights on.
  2. In larger living spaces, you many have several lighting circuits which would require a bank of conventional switches to control them; lighting control allows you to manage as many circuits as you wish all from one keypad - you can even have an ‘all off’ by the front door to turn all the lights off in the house.
  3. It is easy to use, keypads are clearly labelled e.g.. cooking, dining so that everyone knows which button to press!
  4. If you change your mind, no need to re-wire, simply change the function of the keypad via an easy to use phone/tablet app.
  5. Lighting control saves you energy
  6. Lighting control is the only effective solution to dimming low watt LED lighting
  7. Lighting control supports your security systems through integration with the alarm and it can replay your normal activities when you are on holiday to give a ‘lived in’ look.



Watch our video on how our automated lighting controls and home automations systems can work for you.


Our intelligent lighting and design control systems are programmed to respond intuitively, controlling your lighting, ambiance and security as well as your energy costs, in existing or new build homes. An essential part of all smart new homes, control systems such as Lutron, Vantage, Control 4 and Rako offer total lighting control all around your property, mirroring the way you use your home.