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Karen Chugg has decided to stop trading as Intelligent Abodes and take a slightly different direction. As some of you know, Karen had a period of ill health and this gave her the time to reflect. Consequently, she has decided to focus her efforts on Lighting and Interior Design.

Tim Chugg is now the owner of Connected Abodes Ltd which focuses on smart control systems, including lighting control, smart blinds, home cinemas, audio-visual solutions, networking and security systems and electrical installations. If you are looking for further information on smart systems or electrical works, please contact Tim: or call 01392 823398

We would like to take the time to thank all our clients for their support and hope you will continue to work with Tim.

Call for an appointment: 01392 823398

3 The Venture Centre
Yeoford Way
Marsh Barton
Exeter EX2 8LP

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