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Automated lighting control & bespoke lighting design


Automated lighting allows you to manage light more effectively in your home and business, with the ability to change your automated task lighting instantly through keypads, touchscreens and apps, to suit the task, day and night. A simple concept with a smart solution.


Automated lighting control has become an essential part of all smart new homes, ensuring that they are future-proof with the latest innovations and advancements. To that end, we only fit the very best and most trusted control systems at the forefront of their industry such as Lutron, Vantage, Control 4 and Rako.


Why is lighting so important?

We, as lighting designers and specialist installers of lighting control, have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight, and transform. Lighting impacts on how a space feels and can transfer a so-so place into a fabulous living space where you want to spend time. Well-designed lighting and automated control allows you to creatively enhance the decor, space and features in your home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation. Lighting design is the integration of all lighting to give the right light, at the right time, in the right place. We take the time to understand your requirements for lighting, your design ideas, how you use your home and your style, so we can creatively design a lighting solution just for you. We then do all the research, finding suitable fittings, that will give you the optimal light effect for each room of your home or work space.


What is automated lighting?

Automated lighting is the ultimate in control, providing smooth, accurate dimming of all your light fittings, transforming the lighting at a touch of a button, to suit the task - welcoming people to you home, cooking, relaxing, working and at the same time saving energy and enhancing your security!


How do I control automated lighting?

The control and design of automated lighting is exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smart phone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world. We design your automated lighting with everyone in mind, keypads are clearly labelled e.g. cooking, work, TV or dining so that you all know which button to press!


Why use automated lighting?

  1. Lighting designed for the Task - Scene setting, creating a situation where something is about to happen, seems an unusual concept for your home or workplace, but actually, isn’t that exactly what we all want? To instantly create the perfect environment for work, rest or play! Scene setting allows you to combine a variety of light fittings, dimmed to the ideal level to suit whatever you want to do in that space. It is a great solution for multi-functional spaces where you undertake a lot of different activities.
  2. Avoid Wall Clutter & Confusion  - Lighting control eliminates the need for complicated planning of switching, which can be a real headache in large open plan living spaces. Automated lighting control enables you to have one switch to control all the lights you desire, and have them clearly labelled so everyone knows what they do!
  3. Automated lighting saves energy - Energy efficiency today is an essential element for every home and business, accounting for sometimes up to 10% of a home’s yearly electricity usage, and up to 40% a year in a business.
    1. How does automated lighting control save energy?
    2. Use the right amount of light - Dimming your lights by 25% can save you 20% in energy costs
    3. Dimming extends the life of your light bulbs
    4. Lighting control encourages you to think about the lighting, so you only select the scene that suits that task, so you reduce the likelihood of leaving lights on, using only the lights required.
    5. Never leave lights on in an empty room - occupancy and vacancy sensors to dim the lights when space is unoccupied.
    6. An ‘all off’ button at the front door or next to your bed means you never forget to turn the light off.
    7. All types of light sources can be dimmed, including low energy sources – so you get double savings!
    8. Daylight sensors will automatically dim lighting when there is sufficient daylight, so saving you money and providing you with the ideal combination of natural light and lighting.
    9. Every dimmer automatically saves you 4-9% in electricity even when used at the highest lighting level compared to standard on/off switches.
  4. Accurate, quiet, flicker free dimming of LED lights - Lighting control allows to accurately control very low watt LED lighting, giving you smooth, quiet, flicker free dimming. This gives you complete flexibility when choosing light fittings as automated lighting control will enable you to dim mains dimmable lighting and those lights on 0-10 volt drivers; perfect for highlighting decor, furniture or art.
  5. Automated lighting enhances security
    1. Lighting is a great deterrent to any would-be burglar - automated lighting control allows you to integrate lighting with your smart security system, so if your external spaces have an unwanted visitor, lighting will be triggered in and out of your home, but, thanks to geo fencing , its smart enough not to be triggered by next door’s wandering cat on night patrol! If you hear a noise at night, turn all the lights on via a switch next to the bed! When you go away the automated lighting control system will replay your usual activities giving your home a real ‘lived in’ look.
    2. Automated lighting is flexible - Change your mind - no need to rewire, you can change the lights controlled on each switch, level and rate of dimming through an easy-to-use app or we can pop back to do it for you
    3. Automated lighting is Intuitive - Your home and your workplace should be designed around your needs. Lighting control is intuitive, responding to your requirements as they change throughout the day and the time of year. In winter months we need more light, earlier in the day as well as in the afternoon. Our automated lighting is set to change throughout the year, adjusting to the season, controlling natural and generated lighting to complement your living.
    4. Improve Performance & well-being with automated task lighting - Most businesses waste energy with over-lit areas which can also affect the productivity of your employees. Fundamental tasks, such as computer work can be most uncomfortable and difficult to perform with too much daylight or electric light.


Where can automated lighting be installed?

Automated lighting can be installed in both existing older properties as well as integrated into smart new homes. Choose between just having automated lighting in selected rooms such as the kitchen, sitting room or cinema room or add it throughout your home or business.


What is the process for adding automated lighting?

  1. PlanningKaren will help you plan and design your project using her years of lighting design knowledge and experience, advising on the features and functions you’d like in your home or business.
  2. Wiring – Tim will install the future-proof cabling and wiring
  3. Installation – we work with you and your building team as desired, so we can first fix cabling or we can provide information for the electrician on site; once the cabling is in place, the automated lighting control system will be installed by Tim & his team.
  4. Configuration - After successful installation, Tim will configure the system to work to the design agreed with yourself and Karen.
  5. Up and running – Tim & Karen will show you how to use your new system and then it’s time to sit back and enjoy all the benefits of your automated lighting control.
  6. Support – after living with your new smart lighting system for a while, Tim will ensure that you are happy with the way it is running. He will be on hand to offer advice and make any further adjustments.


Automated lighting is simple to use, creative, easily installed & cost effective in both your home or business. Give Karen a call and find out how we can help you transform your home and the way you live in it.


Watch our video on how our automated lighting controls and home automations systems can work for you.


Automated lighitng installed in a smart home

Automated lighitng installed in a smart home

Automated lighitng installed in a smart home

Automated lighitng installed in a smart home