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Away for Christmas? Benefits of Home Control

If you are like our clients and travel frequently, its important that you use home control to manage your security and run you home effectively whilst away, perhaps for Christmas, holiday or work, making modifications to take into account the change in weather, security as well as be warm and ready for your return.

Hand holding Christmas stars

The build phase

Bringing together lighting, blinds and security

Controlling the heating and cooling when away

Powering up, ready for your return

Prior to returning home they use the home control app to initiate the heating system so that it is cosy for their return. To conserve energy, they ‘power down’ the unused equipment, such as music and tv, and then as they depart for home, they use the app to ‘power everything up’ so it is ready for use on their return.

They have found the home control app has allowed them to manage their home in ways they never imagined, whether home or away, keeping their home safe and efficient.






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Hand holding Christmas stars
Hand holding Christmas stars
Hand holding Christmas stars