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Secure Home Networking Solutions

Users can securely stream film and TV, play music, print documents, search the internet or game with other members of the house or even friends down the road without the slightest loss in performance. All computers, phones, tablets and audio-visual systems are linked without disruption, with multiple functionality.


We create a robust, secure internal network maximising the services available to the house/business – we use intelligent systems that manage the local area network to ensure you get maximum effectiveness from the wireless access points to support a robust network. These systems automatically manage the Wireless Access Points to ensure you are seamlessly transferred between each point according to changing factors such as available signal strength, interference, user mobility and requirements of other users, so it cleverly responds to your wireless needs – perfect if you work from home or like to stream music or films.


Watch our video on how home networking solutions and home automation can work for you.


Our secure home networking solutions use the latest technologies to ensure the highest level of security available in your home so that it does not become hackable, supporting current and future use, providing fast, reliable network connections throughout any home. Intelligent Abodes offer home wireless, as well as wired, home networking.