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How can we save energy in our home?

Save energy in your home by utilising "off peak"periods, generate energy with solar panels and store it in a battery, reduce energy though your use of lighting, heating, curtains and blinds. There are many ways you can get smart with your energy.

How to save energy in our home

Generate your own Energy

Save energy with your lighting

Not so dim!

Turn it off if you’re out!

Different lights – different efficiencies

Save energy with your Heating Controls


Save energy with your blinds and curtains

With the latest in technology, modern fabrics can diffuse light and absorb or deflect heat, allowing you to quickly adjust them to keep the warmth in during the winter and in the summer manage heat gain and protect your home from solar damage. With automated blinds and curtains you can either programme your blinds or curtains or use in combination with a heat sensor so that they automatically shut when the solar glare or heat is high.




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How to save energy in our home
How to save energy in our home
How to save energy in our home