What is Home Automation & how does it work?

Wondering what home automation is and how it can change your home? Our video illustrates how home automation systems work. Intelligent Abodes offer a professional, reliable and personalised complete home automation service, for both home owners and boutique commercial properties.

We thought that pictures tell a better story than words, allowing you to envisage how smart controls may enhance your home or workplace - so we made a video of a client’s home, showing how they used integrated smart control to manage their lighting, heating, curtains, music, TV and security, all connected together with an effective and robust networking solution.


Watch our video to see if home automation may be something you incorporate now or plan for in the future! Smart home controls are about making things easier for you to use and at the same time streamlining so you keep everything discreetly hidden.


Watch our latest video below on automated blinds and curtains below and find out how these could work for you in your home or business.