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Integrated Home Control Systems

Our control systems enable you to have one touch control of lighting, curtains/blinds, heating/cooling, audio-visual systems, door  & gate entry, CCTV, garden and irrigation systems and appliances through colour touchscreens, in wall or hand held, smart phones to tablets.



Life is definitely more convenient with smart home controls, forget going around turning all the lights off at night, press ‘goodnight’ button next to the bed and all the lights will fade off. If you need to get up at night, hit another button, to turn lights on to a dimmed level to see your way to the bathroom or kitchen without disturbing the rest of the house.



Steve Graham, a recent client

Watch our video on how integrated home controls systems can work for you.


Intelligent Abodes will help you determine the best integrated home control solution for your perfect working, relaxing or entertaining environment, giving you the ability to manage your home or business in ways you never before imagined.