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Why choose Intelligent Abodes for your Home Automation?

Our clients choose us because we are an innovative family-run business, and specialist designers in home technology with over 10 years experience in smart home control. As a trusted CEDIA member, we work to the highest technical standards, ensuring that we future-proof all our new builds and renovations to meet the advancing technical needs now, and in the future.

What skills and experience can Karen & Tim bring to the project?


Tim takes Karen’s design and works out how best to achieve it efficiently, with a cost-effective functioning system. His insightful knowledge of automated products, integration and programming ensures that your solution is designed to intuitively meet your technology requirements, making it fun and easy to use.


Tim is the man on site, so you see one manager throughout the project. He has many years of experience working closely on site with other designers, trades and professionals to ensure a timely and smooth installation.



Lastly, Tim has a great attention to detail, to the point of being a perfectionist - an ideal quality for his line of work.


Karen and Tim

We both think outside the box, looking at our client's requirements as a whole. We check how our systems and design solutions will impact on other aspects of the site. For example, when installing lighting control, we will ensure seamless integration with the bathrooms, living space and a chosen kitchen company.


We both plan meticulously from design to completion - so we check there is a room to house the equipment and that it is well ventilated.  We think about cable runs, ensuring they are not excessive and re-designing if there are easier ways. We liaise with architects if anything is to be integrated into the structure such as recessed blinds, or TVs to prevent costly alterations.


We project manage where requested by our clients. With a cinema room, we would coordinate the complete project, from the cabinet maker, provision of cinema seating, lighting, appropriate wall coverings, to all the audio-visual equipment. We strive to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.



Our dedicated team of experts provide a comprehensive design and installation service throughout the South West from Gloucestershire through to Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall


Intelligent Abodes Ltd is NICEIC registered for additional reassurance.



Why choose Intelligent Abodes?