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Smart Home Security Systems, CCTV & Door Entry


Hear a strange noise at night?

Light up your home’s security lights in a flash. You have the option of a panic mode that will light up the lights of your choice instantly; so you could have all the external, as well as internal lights turn on to maximum brightness.


Leaving the house

Set your alarm and the lighting and heating could switch off, with external lights coming on to guide you to your car. A holiday setting will give your home the lived-in look. Lights turning on and off at set times with curtains opening and closing, all according to your usual schedule.


For added safety

If a smoke alarm is triggered, lights can be programmed to instantly come on to illuminate the path to safety. In addition, if a sensor detects a leak then the gas and water supply can be automatically shut-off.


Ensure your home is protected through installation of our alarm systems and home security cameras, integrated into your home control solution, making it easy and convenient to manage your home whether you are there or away.

Watch our video on how our automated lighting controls systems can work for you.

We offer peace of mind, with home security and CCTV systems to monitor and control the safety of your home, triggered by any irregularities through our secure network which is not vulnerable to hackers. Our security systems integrate into the heart of your smart home, working with your lighting, smoke alarms, water, gas, blinds, heating and cooling. Keeping you and your family safe, with control at your fingertips from a smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

Smart Home Security Systems