Automated garden watering systems and outdoor lighting control.

Out door fountain an circular lighted glass dome automatically controlled

Make a Splash with Garden Automation, using automated garden watering systems and automated outdoor lighting control.

Increasingly we see the garden as an extension to our home, to admire,provide relaxation and to produce flowers, fruit & vegetables. The recent warm weather has provided us with the opportunity to spend more time in the garden, so it is an ideal time to give consideration as to how we can make the garden more comfortable for relaxation and entertaining.

Automated Irrigation systems

Most people wouldn’t think about home automation in the garden, but there are some aspects that can make management easier for example, automated irrigation systems – so all your plants and produce stay nourished, even when you are away. We are increasingly asked to provide automated irrigation as the weather is so unpredictable that you need a solution that is responsive and can be managed remotely so that if we suddenly have a dry spell and you are away, you can ensure the garden gets watered. These systems also manage water consumption effectively also, reducing unnecessary costs.

Integrated Lighting for Water Features

The sound of trickling water can bring calm and tranquillity to any garden, so water features are often an important aspect. We have integrated water features with the lighting, so that when the garden lights turn on, the water feature is also initiated and then at night both can be programmed to turn off. If you have wildlife in the pond, you can also manage the temperature effectively to ensure the habitat flourishes.

Water features have become more sophisticated and the combination of lighting, possibly colour changing, within the water feature can create an amazing centre piece to your garden. We have often set up these features so that the light gradually increases as darkness falls; a lit water feature outside the living areas can extend the inside space making the outside feel a part of your home regardless of the weather.

Automated Garden Lighting

Lighting is a massive part of the garden, creating the right atmosphere for achieving tasks, relaxing or entertaining. This, combined with lighting control, can enable you to achieve subtle lighting effects in synergy with the changing light.

For those people fortunate to have a pool or spa, automation can reduce the hard work by managing cleaning, sanitisation, filtration and even the cover that goes across to prevent in the influx of debris.

There are several ways that automation can add to the enjoyment in your garden from relaxing water features and lighting to integrated music systems and even an outdoor cinema – the possibilities are endless so contact Karen at Intelligent Abodes for more information.