Working from home during lockdown

Woman working from home attending Zoom meeting

How to stay connected and achieve a good work/life balance

The last few months have proved challenging for most of us, balancing work, schooling from home and finding time to chill. Whether you have a dedicated place of work in your home or you are sharing living space with other family members, you need to create the ideal environment.

Here are some top tips to help you get the balance

  1. One of the most important aspects for all the family is connectivity, linking to printers, cloud services, work colleagues, family and perhaps school. A robust, reliable network is a must to successfully working from home and maintaining relationships. The other important aspect to consider is security and that your system is designed to stop unwanted users. Networking is great for business purposes, but it can also add support and fun from friends and family. You can also control the timings for connectivity to individual devices – especially useful for working parents!
  2. Music can set the tone for work, supporting concentration, and creating calm; at the end of the day it can enhance relaxation too! If you cannot find a solution that works for all, invest in good quality noise cancelling headphones. Set up the system so your music stops when the phone or doorbell ring, so you do not miss anything.
  3. It’s important to schedule your day, with regular breaks and an end – use voice control to remind you to break and more importantly finish working!
  4. Lighting is an essential ingredient, partially to allow you to carry out the work more effectively, but perhaps more importantly because of the impact it has on how we feel. Research has shown that there are subtle ways that the lighting can affect us and adjusting the lighting with changing natural light to give the ideal light levels can promote greater productivity and a feeling of well-being. A few simple changes to the lighting, combined with lighting control, which provides you with the ability to change the lighting instantly to suit the task, can really make a difference.
  5. If you have a shared workplace and living space, have a clean desk policy for all, so normality returns at the end of the day. Giving you the chance to clear your head and not think about that task you still need to do!