Smart automated blinds and curtains

Smart blinds and curtains

Offer the ultimate in performance fabrics and intuitive control

Whether you are building, renovating or just want to add a change to an existing room, we have smart solutions for wired and wireless.

Motorised blinds and curtains are not new to the world of interior design, but the light and heat managing fabrics now available have undergone a radical and convenient update. Our homes are designed to make the most of the view and the light, so it is important that any shading solution protects your possessions, manages heat and is graceful.


Protect your beloved home from the damaging effect of the sun – at the touch of a button. Lutron blinds offer a range of performance fabrics specifically designed for heat management and protection. They can even be integrated with a sensor, automatically closing if it gets too warm. On a sunny day, discreet blinds descend to manage the glare and heat but still preserve the view, so you don’t have to move to a shady corner! Rooms are kept cool on a warm day and cosy on a cold day – a simple concept achieved with smart blinds.


Control and integration is the main advantage of smart blinds – as they can be controlled using a wall switch, smart device or even your voice; perfect if you are settled on the sofa and it goes dark outside. You can add another dimension to your security – with blinds and curtains closing and opening in their usual pattern, even when you are on holiday! They can even be integrated with your security system and lighting, to give a real lived-in look.


Motors are whisper quiet and the patented technology ensures blinds stay aligned for a balanced, beautiful look, giving you synchronisation in one room or throughout your home. Window solutions can be integrated into the fabric of the building, if you are building or renovating, seamlessly blending with any architectural style. Alternatively, battery-operated blinds are a great option for finished rooms.

At Intelligent Abodes, we offer two solutions for automated curtains and blinds – Lutron and Silent Gliss, as they both offer quality and reliable solutions that integrate well with your home control solution.

Smart lighting control and design

Lutron Blinds

Lutron provides precision, whisper-quiet blind motors, allowing for small incremental changes and the patented guaranteed hembar alignment so that you can adjust accurately to changing light and preserve the clean contemporary appearance.

The fabrics are not only aesthetically pleasing but are functional, controlling glare, protecting from ultra-violet damage and managing heat effectively, supporting your energy management goals, without spoiling the view.

We are also very pleased to be the only company in the South West to supply and install the Palladiom blinds, a brand new range, offering the ultimate in luxury with beautiful designs and superior quality. The lines of the Palladiom are level, graceful, starting with a beautifully crafted slender bottom rail. The tubes are very slim with minimum profiles creating a sleek and sophisticated design that fits anywhere, blending seamlessly with any architectural design.

Lutron also offers automated blinds with wireless control and battery operated blinds. The batteries are discreetly hidden behind fabric-covered fascias which can be lifted to replace the batteries – but this does not happen very often as the lifespan is usually 5-6 years. Both solutions have all the usual features – whisper quiet, performance fabrics, excellent warranty and of course, the important hembar alignment.

Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss provide a curtain heading system that has transformed curtains. This contemporary heading style is a stunning alternative to traditional methods. A unique glider cord inside the track restricts the extension of the fabric which creates a smooth, continuous “wave” effect when the curtains are closed. When opened, they stack back neatly and straight. The Silent Gliss patented roller glider system sits in the front edge of the track and so eliminates the dust build-up which can hinder the smooth drawing of curtains on other tracks.

Features of Smart Automated Curtains & Blinds

  • Protect Your Furniture – Shading systems protect furniture, fine art, rugs and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays.
  • Manage the Heat & Save Money – Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by using shading systems to deflect or harness solar heat, so no need to move to a shady corner of your home on a sunny day
  • Control the Glare – Performance fabrics diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a computer or television screen. This is particularly useful for certain eye conditions e.g. macular degeneration, helping visual clarity and visibility
  • Precision Motors & Hembar Alignment – the roller blind market has been revolutionised by Lutron’s precision motorised systems, offering the ultimate in whisper-quiet silent drive operation, allowing for small incremental changes and ensuring that adjacent blinds can be controlled individually or synchronised to descend together with prefect hembar alignment due to patented technology.
  • Easy Control – combine blinds or control individually using a pre-set button, clearly labelled and backlit on a wall-mounted switch or you can use your smartphone and tablet when you are at home or remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Intuitive Control – combine your automated blinds with a sensor, so they close when dark, sunny, warm and open with daylight
  • Integration with your Home Hub Smart Control – Automated curtains/blinds can be integrated with your existing systems to allow control from a switch on the wall, smartphone or tablet control, so you can press ‘watch TV’ and lights dim, blinds close creating the perfect light level for viewing your favourite sport.
  • Added security – when you go away the automated blinds or curtains will mimic your usual pattern of use, giving the impression that someone is home, enough to deter any would-be burglar.


Smart Palladiom cream blind
Smart Palladiom blind at night
Smart automated blinds open in kitchen
Smart automated blinds closed in kitchen
Bathroom smart blind half open
Bathroom smart blind nearly closed

Find out more about Smart automated blinds and curtains

smart control is easy to use

Smart control you don’t have to pull on a cord or twirl a wand to open and close smart blinds. The control of your automated blinds and curtains is exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smartphone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world. You can even link your blinds and curtains to a sensor, so they close when too hot, bright or dark.

Smart blinds can be set to an automated schedule. This feature can be helpful if you travel frequently and want to give the appearance that you’re home by opening and closing the blinds each day. The functionality is also useful so you never have to remember to adjust the blinds again in the morning or at night. Blocking outside light will help you sleep better, and letting in the sunshine will help you wake up in the mornings.

Performance Fabrics

Lutron offers a range of fabrics, blackout, sheer and providing features of the previous options, dim out.

The blackout blinds offer complete privacy and completely block out the light so useful in home cinema rooms and bedrooms.

Sheer fabrics perform a specific role – managing light, glare, heat and protecting from UV damage without blocking the view, as they provide good visibility. They are available in a range of weave openness, so you can choose the light flow. These fabrics are the perfect solution for South and West facing windows, where heat and light can create an issue, affecting your ability to use a room. They are particularly useful in kitchen and family spaces that are used throughout the day and where you want good light and to enjoy the view.

Dim out offer the benefits of the sheer fabrics, but they also offer some privacy so you get the best of both options.

Smart blind and curtain control can manage light effectively

Combing lighting control and automated blinds can help to manage light and glare effectively during the day, without spoiling the view. This is very useful in working environments as the lux levels and glare on equipment can be managed effectively.

This technology can also be good for macular degeneration and other conditions affecting sight, as brightness and glare may impede visual acuity. By ensuring the light is directional and blocking glare your home can help with visual performance.

Our control systems feature innovative pre-set scenes that can transform each room in your house at the touch of a button. These keypad scenes can combine lighting modes with the automated blind and curtains to set the tone for a romantic evening, film night or party.

Smart blind & curtain control cuts the cost of energy

Utilise your shading system to save additional energy beyond the routine use of blinds. In Winter, blinds can be closed to keep the warmth in the room, adding cosiness, but not diminishing the view or the light. In the Summer lowering blinds and blocking solar heat gain, can reduce the need for cooling systems. In addition, many of the fabrics are made from sustainable materials helping the environment and saving energy.

Lutron smart blinds closing
Lutron smart blinds nearly closed
Automated smart white blinds above windows
3 sets of automated blinds partially closed

Smart blind control gives added security

Utilise a whole-home shading system for simultaneous control of all blinds. By setting a pre-determined scene for “Away”, simply select this button when leaving to close all blinds and restrict the view inside your home. A ‘holiday mode’ can replay all your usual activities for a real ‘lived in’ look while you are away which you can adjust or monitor on your smart phone.


Can I have smart blinds or curtain control?

Automated blinds and curtains can be installed in both existing older properties as well as integrated into smart new homes. Choose between having automated shading solutions in selected rooms such as the kitchen, sitting room or cinema room or add it throughout your home or business.

Smart blind and curtain control is simple to use, creative, easily installed & cost-effective in both your home or business. Give Karen a call for free advice and a live demonstration at our showroom and find out how we can help you transform your home and the way you live in it.


Dark lutron shading blind

Smart Automated Blind Case Study

Sanctuary House

Karen Chugg explains what smart home automation is

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, bringing together your automated lighting control and design, automated blinds or curtains, multi-room audio systems, home cinema, smart gadgets and home security gate/door entrance devices into a single, simple-to-use interface to control it all.

Smart Lighting Control & Design

Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance the decor, space and features in your home, exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smartphone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world.

Smart Automated Blinds & Curtains

Whether you are building, renovating or just want to add a change to an existing room, we offer smart blind and curtain solutions controlled by a switch smart device or voice. They now incorporate light and heat managing fabrics for temperature control and protection from damaging UV rays.

Smart Multi-Room Audio System Installation

The ultimate connection of all your entertainment technology - TV, radio, laptop, cinema, record deck and speakers to create a seamless smart multi-audio experience. Listen to music in every room, with individual music and source choice controlled by switches or apps.


home cinema projector dropping from ceiling

Smart Home Cinema Solutions & Design

We cover all the options, from a TV with a soundbar to a projector in a cinema room with multiple speakers, our ultimate goal is to create a fully immersive viewing experience for your cinema, media room or multi-purpose room.

Smart Security Integration

We combine conventional security solutions such as alarms and CCTV with the latest in smart systems, which talk to each other. Consequently, you have a more sophisticated security system that is far greater than the individual component systems.

Man controlling smart devices from iPad

Smart Home & Business Networking Solutions

We specialise in designing high-end home and business networking and Wi-Fi installations using the latest technologies, ensuring the highest level of security, protecting your privacy and ensuring that vulnerable smart devices, can’t be used to access your network.

Exterior of Lympstone Manor

Smart Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

We bring smart design and control to boutique hospitality, retail outlets and places of work for local owners, such as Michael Caines, proprietor of Mickeys Beach, Exmouth & Lympstone Manor Hotel and the Darts Farm Family, with smart lighting control, music systems and motorised blinds and curtains.

How we work with you

The Process


We arrange to meet you

Karen, our Director and Customer Service award-winner will listen and gain an understanding of your unique requirements, aspirations, and lifestyle.

We deliver a bespoke design plan

Karen will then give you estimated costs, for the design, products and specifications, delivered, within your agreed budget.

We coordinate & work as a team

Tim, our Projects Director, will work with your designers, electricians and project managers to ensure our services are coordinated and everything is delivered in the correct order.

Then give you a full handover

On completion, Tim will demonstrate how your systems work together, ensuring that everything works as you requested, with a handover pack for future reference.

We then offer continued support

In the coming months we provide a full follow-up service for your new technology and then further over the years to keep you up to date with emerging innovations.