Are Smart Blinds Worth the Cost?

Performance fabrics and intuitive control

Many of the features of automated blinds are similar to standard blinds – privacy and managing the light into the home, so why invest? The answer is performance fabrics and intuitive control. Motorised blinds and curtains are not new to the world of interior design, but the light and heat-managing fabrics now available have undergone a radical and convenient update.

Protect your home

Protect your beloved home from the damaging effect of the sun – at the touch of a button. Lutron blinds offer a range of performance fabrics specifically designed for heat management and protection. They can even be integrated with a sensor, automatically closing if it gets too warm. On a sunny day, discreet blinds descend to manage the glare and heat, but still preserve the view, so you don’t have to move to a shady corner! Rooms are kept cool on a warm day and cosy on a cold day – simple concept achieved with smart blinds which can also save you energy.

Added security

Control and integration are the main advantages of smart blinds – as they can be controlled using a wall switch, smart device or even your voice; perfect if you are settled on the sofa and it goes dark outside. You can add another dimension to your security – with blinds and curtains closing and opening in their usual pattern, even when you are on holiday! They can even be integrated with your security system and lighting, to give a real lived-in look.

Motors are whisper quiet and the patented technology ensures blinds stay aligned for a balanced, beautiful look, giving you synchronisation in one room or throughout your home. Window solutions can be integrated into the fabric of the building, if you are building or renovating, seamlessly blending with any architectural style. Alternatively battery operated blinds are a great option for finished rooms.

If you want to enjoy the view and protect your home, then smart blinds and curtains may be worth considering, watch our video! For more information on blind and curtain solutions for your home, contact Karen here at Intelligent Abodes.

Smart white Palladiom blind above window