Silent Lutron blinds for lighting and heating control

Lutron Blinds

During the winter, we spend a lot of time thinking about heating control, we all want our homes and offices to be warm and comfortable, but during the summer too much heat and light can have a detrimental effect on our comfort and efficient functioning.

I am a great fan of some of the smart and stylish modern options for natural heat and light control. Companies such as Lutron create stunningly designed silent high tech products – blinds and curtains which can be programmed to set a tone and manage the changes in heat and light by intuitively adjusting their positioning. They can work with the lighting control to achieve the perfect balance between natural and artificial lighting in a specific room or an entire house throughout day. The materials for the curtains and blinds are specifically designed to manage heat and solar glare, so ideal for saving energy in the home and the protection of your treasured possessions.

These curtains and blinds add real style. Lutron, for example, guarantee hem bar alignment so when you have several roller blinds next to each other they will look perfect. They incorporate a silent motor and offer a pre-set so if you’re rushing out you can push one button to protect your furniture and belongings.

We also love the fact that when you’re away you can give your home the ‘lived in look’, by setting the system to repeat your usual curtain and blind habits – a very effective and valuable security feature!