Designers and Intelligent Abodes

Early involvement in the design phase

Intelligent Abodes welcome the opportunity to work with designers on smart automation projects during the design phase as it allows us to fully tailor-make the design and it assists the tender process.

Once we have met a client and understand their requirements, we can generate plans and drawings to support a smooth build process.

Early involvement enables us to advise on any alterations to the design of the building such as incorporating recessed blinds and finding a space for the rack, that houses all the audio-visual equipment in a discreet location.

We currently work with a team of designers including architects, Mechanical & Electrical engineers, heating consultants, interior designer, lighting designer, kitchen and bathroom companies and even the landscaper as all these spaces can include an element of control. Its great to form a working team that functions seamlessly making it a more pleasant experience for the client. and enhancing the satisfaction for the professional.

white box shaped wall light casting diamond shaped shadow