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Smart Lighting Control and Design

Lighting Design

Lighting impacts on how a space looks and feels, it can transfer a so-so room into a fabulous living space where you want to spend time. We, at Intelligent Abodes, designers and installers of lighting and lighting control, have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight and transform. Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance decor, space and features in your home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation. As part of your lighting control solution, we offer a lighting design service, providing drawings, ideas and support with finding that perfect light for each space!

Smart lighting control and design

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One of the biggest trends in the world of lighting has been the introduction of lighting control – dimming has been around for donkey’s years, so what’s new – it got smart! Lighting control solutions, like Lutron, provide smooth, silent dimming within a wide spectrum of light – so you can dim even very low watt LED lights and create the desired effect. It’s a great solution to make the most of all your lighting.

Lighting control connects lighting, allowing you to combine different lights, dimmed to different levels, creating the perfect combination of task and ambient lighting to match what you are doing e.g. ‘cooking’ may have bright lights over the kitchen worktops and cooker, with dimmed lights in the living area to create warmth and space.

Smart lighting is the ultimate in control, providing smooth, accurate dimming of all your light fittings, including very low watt LED, transforming the lighting at a touch of a button, to suit the task – welcoming people to your home, relaxing, working and at the same time-saving energy and enhancing your security. You can also connect your lighting to other devices, such as an alarm or CCTV, so if triggered lights illuminate the house, a great deterrent for any would-be burglar.

Smart lighting control has become an essential part of all smart new homes, we ensure that it is flexible and future-proof, adapting to the latest technology, innovations and advancements. To that end, we only fit the very best and most trusted control systems at the forefront of their industry such as Lutron and Control 4.

Features of Smart lighting control

  • Easy to use & no more wall clutter – combine lights to create a pre-set scene button, clearly labelled and backlit on a wall-mounted switch for instant control of your lighting scene; or you can use your smartphone and tablet when you are at home or remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Manage the light – by adjusting the brightness and the colour of light, we can mimic natural light more effectively, promoting health and well-being. Smart lighting systems enable you to manage the lux levels, so it responds intuitively to the changing light outside, so you always have the perfect light level inside your home or business, great for those four seasons in one day
  • Saves money by only using the correct lighting for the tasking dimming low watt LED lights saves you money, which is why Lighting Control is VAT free on new build properties
  • Added security – when you go away the lighting will mimic your usual pattern of use, giving the impression that someone is home. It can even be linked to your security cameras so that a series of lights inside, then outside is triggered to ward off any would-be burglar
  • Bespoke lighting designs – as designers and installers of lighting and lighting control, we have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight and transform. We will guide you with lighting choices, positions to make the most of your control system and ensure your home is the centrepiece of any occasion
  • Easy home editing – change your mind on the scene-setting, have seasonal variations – change the light combination for the scene set, dimming levels and even the switch function on your smart device, without the need to consult the installer
  • Integrates with your smart home hub control system to include security, networking, heating, automated blinds and curtains as well as your multi-room audio systems and home cinema.


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Smart lighting control is easy to use

The control and design of automated lighting is exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smartphone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world. We design your automated lighting with everyone in mind, keypads are clearly labelled e.g. cooking, work, TV or dining so that you always know which button to press! Meanwhile, amending scenes as your requirements change is as easy as switching the individual lights to your preferred level and then hitting save.

Smart lighting control manages light effectively for the task

Scene setting, creating a situation where something is about to happen, seems an unusual concept for your home or workplace, but actually, isn’t that exactly what we all want? To instantly create the perfect environment for work, rest or play! Scene setting allows you to combine a variety of light fittings, dimmed to the ideal level to suit whatever you want to do in that space. It is a great solution for multi-functional spaces such as kitchen/diner/living rooms where you undertake a lot of different activities. These large rooms really benefit from a smart lighting system that ensures lighting is just right for any activity, whether cooking, dining or watching TV.

Smart lighting control adapt lighting levels automatically

Smart lighting is flexible and intuitive, responding to your requirements as they change throughout the day and the time of year. In winter months we need more light, earlier in the day as well as in the afternoon. Our automated lighting is set to change throughout the year, adjusting to the season, controlling natural and generated lighting to complement your living.

By adjusting the brightness and the colour of light, we can mimic natural light more effectively, improving performance and promoting health and well-being. Over-lit areas can also affect productivity and mood. Fundamental tasks, such as computer work can be most uncomfortable and difficult to perform with too much daylight or electric light. Smart lighting control systems enable you to manage the lux levels, so it changes in response to the shifting light outside, hence you always have the perfect light level, great for those four seasons in one day!

Smart lighting control cuts the cost of energy

Energy efficiency today is an essential element for every home and business, accounting for sometimes up to 10% of a home’s yearly electricity usage, and up to 40% a year in a business. Reducing our dependency on high energy consumption without sacrificing quality of life can be achieved with smart lighting control. Due to the way digital dimming systems work, huge amounts of energy can be saved throughout the home, especially when coupled with our LED lamps – the difference can be startling.

Reduce your energy costs by:

  1. Using the right amount of light – dimming your lights by 25% can save you 20% on electrical bills for lighting use
  2. Dimming extends the life of your light bulbs
  3. Lighting control encourages you to think about the lighting, so you only select the scene that suits that task, reducing the likelihood of leaving lights on, using only the lights required
  4. Lights are never left on in an empty room – occupancy and vacancy sensors can be set to dim or turn off lights when space is unoccupied
  5. Installing an ‘all off’ button at the front door or next to your bed so you never forget to turn the lights off again
  6. Ensure all lighting types are dimmable, since the Halogen Ban in 2018 the lighting choice is LED, lighting control effectively dims all lighting types regardless of the wattage
  7. Including daylight sensors that will automatically dim lighting when there is sufficient daylight, so saving you money and providing you with the ideal combination of natural light and lighting
  8. The use of digital dimmers – automatically saves you 4-9% in electricity even when used at the highest lighting level compared to standard on/off switches.



Grey kitchen lit with smart lighting control
Modern bathroom with sunken bath lit with smart lighting control
blue sitting room lit with smart design lighting in ceiling
White spiral staircase lit with floor lighting

Smart lighting control gives added security

Lighting is a great deterrent to any would-be burglar, smart lighting control allows you to integrate lighting with your smart security system, so if your external spaces have an unwanted visitor, lighting will be triggered outside your home, but, thanks to geo-fencing, it is smart enough not to be triggered by next door’s wandering cat on night patrol! If you hear a noise at night, turn all the lights on via a switch next to the bed! When you go away the automated lighting control system will simulate your usual lighting patterns, giving your home a real ‘lived in’ look.

Our home control systems can be linked to your security alarms and can be programmed to alert neighbours that there is a problem, for example, by flashing all the lights when the intruder alarm is triggered.

Bespoke lighting design can enhance your property

Lighting impacts on how a space feels and can transfer a so-so place into a fabulous living space where you want to spend time. Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance the decor, space and features in your home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation.

Lighting design is the integration of all lighting to give the right light, at the right time, in the right place. We take the time to understand your requirements for lighting, your design ideas, how you use your home and your style, so we can creatively design a lighting solution just for you. We then do all the research, finding suitable fittings, that will give you the optimal light effect for each room of your home or workspace.

Lighting control avoids wall clutter and confusion, it eliminates the need for complicated planning of switching, which can be a real headache in large open plan living spaces. Automated lighting control enables you to have one switch to control all the lights you desire and have them clearly labelled so everyone knows what they do!

The use of LED lights allows you to accurately control very low watt LED lighting, giving you smooth, quiet, flicker-free dimming. Giving complete flexibility when choosing light fittings as automated lighting control will enable you to dim mains dimmable lighting and those lights on 0-10 volt drivers; perfect for highlighting decor, furniture or art.

Smart lighting control Integrates with all your smart home controls

Our control systems feature innovative pre-set lighting scenes that can transform each room in your house at the touch of a button, creating atmospheric, relaxing environments. These lighting modes can also incorporate automated blind and curtain control to set the tone for a romantic evening, film night or party.

As well as atmospheric lighting we also use our systems to enhance your security, using advanced presence simulation to give the impression someone is home and automate the opening or closing of blinds/curtains in conjunction with lighting.

Your smoke and fire alarms as well as security alarms can be linked to your lighting, providing illuminated emergency lighting to guide you safely out of the house as well as triggering outside lighting intelligently as discussed in our security section.

Can I have smart lighting control?

Automated lighting can be installed in both existing older properties as well as integrated into smart new homes. Choose between just having automated lighting in selected rooms such as the kitchen, sitting room or cinema room or add it throughout your home or business.

Smart lighting control is simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost-effective in both your home and business. Give Karen a call for free advice and a live demonstration at our showroom and find out how we can help you transform your home and the way you live in it.


Blue and white kitchen lit with smart task lighting

Smart Lighting Control Case Studies

Lympstone Manor

Exeter Penthouse

Karen Chugg explains what smart home automation is

What is Smart Home Automation?

Smart home automation provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility, bringing together your automated lighting control and design, automated blinds or curtains, multi-room audio systems, home cinema, smart gadgets and home security gate/door entrance devices into a single, simple-to-use interface to control it all.

Smart Lighting Control & Design

Well-designed lighting and automated control allow you to creatively enhance the decor, space and features in your home, exceptionally user-friendly, it is operated through wall switches, voice-control using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa, or via an app on your smartphone or tablets, enabling access from anywhere in the world.

Smart Automated Blinds & Curtains

Whether you are building, renovating or just want to add a change to an existing room, we offer smart blind and curtain solutions controlled by a switch smart device or voice. They now incorporate light and heat managing fabrics for temperature control and protection from damaging UV rays.

Smart Multi-Room Audio System Installation

The ultimate connection of all your entertainment technology - TV, radio, laptop, cinema, record deck and speakers to create a seamless smart multi-audio experience. Listen to music in every room, with individual music and source choice controlled by switches or apps.


home cinema projector dropping from ceiling

Smart Home Cinema Solutions & Design

We cover all the options, from a TV with a soundbar to a projector in a cinema room with multiple speakers, our ultimate goal is to create a fully immersive viewing experience for your cinema, media room or multi-purpose room.

Smart Security Integration

We combine conventional security solutions such as alarms and CCTV with the latest in smart systems, which talk to each other. Consequently, you have a more sophisticated security system that is far greater than the individual component systems.

Man controlling smart devices from iPad

Smart Home & Business Networking Solutions

We specialise in designing high-end home and business networking and Wi-Fi installations using the latest technologies, ensuring the highest level of security, protecting your privacy and ensuring that vulnerable smart devices, can’t be used to access your network.

Exterior of Lympstone Manor

Smart Solutions for Hotels and Restaurants

We bring smart design and control to boutique hospitality, retail outlets and places of work for local owners, such as Michael Caines, proprietor of Mickeys Beach, Exmouth & Lympstone Manor Hotel and the Darts Farm Family, with smart lighting control, music systems and motorised blinds and curtains.

How we work with you

The Process


We arrange to meet you

Karen, our Director and Customer Service award-winner will listen and gain an understanding of your unique requirements, aspirations, and lifestyle.

We deliver a bespoke design plan

Karen will then give you estimated costs, for the design, products and specifications, delivered, within your agreed budget.

We coordinate & work as a team

Tim, our Projects Director, will work with your designers, electricians and project managers to ensure our services are coordinated and everything is delivered in the correct order.

Then give you a full handover

On completion, Tim will demonstrate how your systems work together, ensuring that everything works as you requested, with a handover pack for future reference.

We then offer continued support

In the coming months we provide a full follow-up service for your new technology and then further over the years to keep you up to date with emerging innovations.