Top Tips on setting up a Home Cinema for Every Budget

Home cinema with Euro 2020 showing on TV

Euro 2020, Olympics….
It’s a great year for sport, so get the best seat in Town, in your Home!

A home cinema conjures up different images from a Smart 4K OLED TV with a soundbar to a projector with multiple speakers and of course, comfy seating. Whatever your thoughts may be, the ultimate goal is the same, creating a little more excitement for your viewing experience so that you become fully immersed in your favourite sport, TV programme or film.

A home cinema used to be synonymous with spending lots of money, but now there are solutions for every budget. Whether you are looking to create a cosy family room or a dedicated space to rival the multiplex cinema, we have put together some top tips to help you get the best viewing experience:

1. Plan your room

Are you converting a room into a dedicated viewing space or giving your tranquil living room a dual purpose? This will affect decisions on discreetness and storage of all your equipment and how it blends with your decor. Karen Chugg from Intelligent Abodes comments ‘often clients think a cinema room is all about the tech, but it is so much more. To make the room a great place for children and adults to relax, you need to give thought to the seating, lighting, cabinetry, blinds, decor as they all add to the atmosphere’

2. Buy informed

There is a wealth of options available now. TV and audio manufacturers have used the image and sound technology from the cinema industry and brought it to your home, so it is worth spending the time to research and consult the experts so you get the best solution for you.

3. Don’t take the easy route

Don’t be fooled that complete packages are the most effective solution, research each area – screens, TVs, projectors, sound, amplifiers to create your unique combination.

4. Manage the light

Good lighting design and dimming will create the perfect atmosphere, but don’t forget the natural light! Think about positions of equipment and window coverings so that the sun doesn’t cast a shadow on your fun!

5. Keep it comfy

Whether its cinema seating or a sofa, think about sitting position and support. Home cinema rooms are social places where families bond watching a great film and friends can enjoy sport events together.

6. Stay within budget

During the planning create your budget and stick to it!

7. Stay in Control

Don’t forget the control of your systems – you will have lots of equipment with several remote controls. Karen Chugg from Intelligent Abodes says ‘this is often given less priority as people focus on the TV or screen, but in reality, this is an essential part of using your system. There are simple, one room solutions which bring the control of everything together – all the tech, lighting, blinds to make using your room easy and fun for all ages, whether using a remote, tablet or even voice control.

With a little planning, assembling your home cinema can be straight forward, resulting in a solution that is well organised, functional and visually pleasing.

 For more information and free advice, consult your award winning experts Intelligent Abodes on 01392 823398 or email Karen here at Intelligent Abodes.


Dedicated home cinema room