The Smart Home Installation Process

How we work with you

The Process


We arrange to meet you

Karen, our Director and Customer Service award-winner will listen and gain an understanding of your unique requirements, aspirations, and lifestyle.

We deliver a bespoke design plan

Karen will then give you estimated costs, for the design, products and specifications, delivered, within your agreed budget.

We coordinate & work as a team

Tim, our Projects Director, will work with your designers, electricians and project managers to ensure our services are coordinated and everything is delivered in the correct order.

Then give you a full handover

On completion, Tim will demonstrate how your systems work together, ensuring that everything works as you requested, with a handover pack for future reference.

We then offer continued support

In the coming months we provide a full follow-up service for your new technology and then further over the years to keep you up to date with emerging innovations.



Our Philosophy at Intelligent Abodes

Tim & I work hard to provide client designed solutions that will meet your needs, enrich the living experience and provide enjoyment. We like to treat each project with care and consideration as if it was it was our own home. As a husband and wife team, we have the added benefit of providing different perspectives, enabling us to offer well-considered designs, coordinated planning and installation through to the appropriate ongoing support.

When designing your living space, be it a renovation or a new build, it can be hard to think about the interior and imagine how you will live in the space once it is all completed. That’s why we like to be there in the early stages, so we can take you through each room of your home or workplace, thinking about how you will use it, giving careful consideration to your requirements now and beyond, so we ensure your home is future-proofed for emerging technologies.

Karen Chugg – Managing Director, will meet you

The process begins with an initial meeting with Karen, our Director and Venus ‘ Customer Service’ award winner. Karen will gain an understanding of you, how you like to use your home, your unique requirements, aspirations and lifestyle, as well as your budget. She will guide you through the options, latest innovations and market trends. Karen will then deliver a unique design plan, with estimated costs, products and specifications.

Venus Awards 2015 for Customer Service

We want to ensure that the installation is effectively and efficiently managed, so we design a cabling and control infrastructure which ideally will form part of the architectural plans issued for tendering and make the installation smooth process. We can install the specialist cabling or we can advise and support the electrician on site with written and verbal instruction together with regular site visits.

Tim Chugg – Projects Director, will coordinate installation

Once you have decided to work with us, we will develop a unique design and plan of works in line with requirements. We create drawings detailing the cabling infrastructure, lighting design, electrical requirements and product positions. As we are NICEIC approved, we understand the electrical requirements so we can advise the electrician or install it if preferred.

We will form part of the working team, liaising with designers, electricians on site, project managers to ensure you have a coordinated approach to your works and that the system is well integrated with other complementary services; for example, we will discuss lighting with your kitchen and bathroom suppliers.

Tim will coordinate the installation for the duration of the project, keeping you informed at every stage. He will manage your project from start to finish to ensure a coordinated approach. The Intelligent Abodes team will then install the home automation products, programme and set them up according to your requirements.

On completion, you will receive an electronic handover pack together with a demonstration on how to use your systems. We provide a full follow up service, including a warranty package and maintenance contracts, supporting you in the coming months with your new technology and over the years with the emerging technology, ensuring that your firmware is always updated and not vulnerable to hackers.

We take pride in our work and client satisfaction is an essential ingredient of our process, so we listen and install products that will enhance your living space and enjoyment.

Intelligent Abodes in NICEIC registered and also a member of CEDIA for additional reassurance.