Lympstone Manor, Lutron Lighting & Nuvo Audio

Smart Automation Solutions for Lympstone Manor

Lighting Control Systems: Lutron

Audio Control: Nuvo music system with Bowers & Wilkins custom install speakers

Lympstone Manor sitting room

Set the Tone with Lighting

Lympstone Manor is a beautiful Grade II listed building that has been sympathetically renovated over the last two years to create the perfect weekend retreat. The hotel, set in stunning grounds overlooks the Estuary in Lympstone, near Exeter, has been designed to offer contemporary surroundings with the delights of fine dining offered by the two star Michelin Chef, Michael Caines.

It was great to be a part of the works at the Manor, Michael had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve to showcase his culinary delights and create the ultimate leisure destination. It felt like a ‘real’ local project with specialists and skills in Devon brought together to realise his vision.

The Design Phase

We were involved in the design phase of the project, working with the mechanical and electrical engineers, interior designers and lighting consultants to achieve the ideal lighting scenario for all events in the main areas of the hotel. Michael said “Lutron system allows us to pre-program and anticipate all of that, and I think that’s a very powerful tool to have within a hotel such as ours, here at Lympstone Manor”. He recognised that lighting was paramount is creating the ideal ambiance, supporting positive moods and welcoming his guests, so they feel immediately relaxed in the hotel. He added “lighting sets the mood for everything.” The lighting control ensures his has a consistent appearance for each hour of the day, creating more light when required and a warm light as the evening pulls. Michael has created “dining experiences” so it is vital that each room supports the required atmosphere for people to enjoy their food, wine, surroundings and the company. The lighting and the music are pivotal in creating the desired mood.

Lighting control panel at Lymptone Manor

Lutron Lighting

We installed Lutron lighting control, as it allows the lighting to be controlled from discreet, sympathetic wall switches in antique brass to match the decor or from an iPad at reception. The lighting control requires one touch of a button to create the ultimate lighting for each space that is altered with ease as the daylight changes through the day. Michael explained that “Lutron can control lighting at different times of the day, so we can get the right lighting levels to create that experience consistently across the day, but also any time of the year.”

Bowers & Wilkins custom install speakers

Bowers and Wilkins in-ceiling speakers

With regard to the music, Michael wanted background music, because it adds warmth to a space, so that people feel relaxed to talk, without being concerned about the quiet spaces. People instantly feel relaxed to talk to their friends and family. “As your eyes become accustomed to the lighting, very very quickly you feel the guests easing and feeling much more calm”. We installed Bowers and Wilkins in-ceiling speakers as they are not only discreet, but they offer the ultimate in sound quality, provided background music in the reception areas without impacting on guests relaxing in their rooms above.

Bowers & Wilkins custom install speakers are engineered for the discerning client who demands great sound that seamlessly integrates into the decor. They have perfected the mid range sound, by using ground breaking technology, firstly with kevlar back in the 1970s and now, with the new Diamond tweet dome. The midrange is vital to the quality of sound – why? Because this is the most sensitive area for the human ear and it is where most of the musical energy is situated.

They have perfected sound quality by creating balance, with a mid-range close to perfection, and a base that adds richness without overwhelming the overall sound. We teamed the speakers with Nuvo music system as it is easy to use via the iPad and offers endless possibilities for music, for the hotel to use its own music or allow guests to play their music at private functions.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of the working team and even more of a pleasure to now enjoy the hotel surroundings and culinary delights!

Open door into Lympsone Manor sitting room