Control 4 – the new Neeo Remote

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The new remote control from Control 4 – Your smart home at your fingertips

The Control 4 Neeo gives homeowners one-touch icons for the channels

The new remote from Control 4 is the first Control 4 handheld remote that combines hard buttons with a touchscreen, providing an interface that is able to be fully personalised for unique styles in smart homes.

It has a sleek design and responds intuitively, displaying the features you use most frequently for fast and easy access. These could include your favourite streaming services, most-watched TV stations, playlists, room-level or household-level smart home scene, and much more.

The remote is Swiss engineered, built from machined aluminium designed to protect the edge-to-edge touchscreen, increasing its durability. The three-inch, high-resolution, LCD touchscreen displays crisp and bright images and icons to enable quick one-touch

Neeo delivers a graphical music experience that customers want, including larger cover art, easy navigation of music content and fast access to volume and mute via physical buttons.

To keep the interface simple, Neeo gives homeowners one-touch icons for the channels they watch the most and an on-screen keypad to type in a channel number directly.

The hard buttons are used for only the standard, most commonly used functions such as power on/off, mute, volume control and home, so that users do not have to look at the control when watching a movie for example.

The Neeo remote has been designed to work with the new Control 4 operating system, so that you can maximise the new features, making it easier to manage your home and access your favourite items.

Easily play music in the family room, cinema room and master bedroom where Neeo is instantly available, the moment you pick up the remote. The new operating system ‘Favourites’ gives you fast, one-button access to streaming services, stations, playlists
and more.

Available in either silver or black finishes, the remote comes with an elegant charging station and lasts up to five days on a single charge.

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