Create the Ultimate Cosy Home for Winter with Smart Technology

Cosy blanket and cosy pink socks

The memories of the cold winter early this year still remain, and it still makes me want to snuggle up under a cosy blanket; so, this seems like a good time to give some thought as to how we can create a comfortable, inviting space where we enjoy spending time.

Lighting design

Lighting is probably the single most important interior feature, as the other aspects of our well-thought-out homes are lost without good lighting. Karen Chugg from Intelligent Abodes comments ‘Lighting affects our perception of a space, colours feel richer, more natural and pleasing to the eye. When lighting is impeccably designed you hardly notice it!’

Silver domed pendant light

Lighting control

Lighting control allows you to combine different lights within your home, dimmed to different levels to create a ‘scene’. In Winter, control solutions can create the perfect blend of accent and ambient lighting to accentuate visual interest, promote warmth and comfort. There are other benefits too – by adjusting the brightness and the colour of light, we can mimic natural light more effectively, promoting health and well-being.

lit shelves with Lights with lighting control panel

Smart automated blinds

Smart automated blinds combined with lighting control enables you to manage the lighting to suit the time of year, so in winter months we need more light. A simple concept with a smart solution; the lighting and shading control can work together intuitively responding to your needs, controlling natural, generated light and glare to complement your living and sleeping spaces – great for those dark winter days!

Smart lutron blinds in sitting room


Music is part of the fabric of everyday life. It is one of the most beloved human experiences. The ambience in a room can be set by simply adding your most favourite relaxing or uplifting music. Bowers & Wilkins’ speakers are engineered for the discerning client who demands great sound that seamlessly integrates into the decor of their home. They have used ground breaking technology to give a mid-range close to perfection which is so vital to sound quality – why choose anything less than perfect!

white Bowers and Wilkins Speakers next to table and radiator