Define, Highlight and Transform with Smart Lighting

Cosy snug room with warm smart lighting and fire

Lighting impacts on how a space looks and feels, it can transfer a so-so room into a fantastic living space!

We Understand the Power of Light

We, at Intelligent Abodes, designers and installers of smart lighting and lighting control, have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight and transform. Well-designed lighting and automated control allows you to creatively enhance decor, space and features in your home, promoting greater productivity and relaxation.

Set the Tone with Lighting Control

One of the biggest trends in the world of lighting has been the introduction of lighting control – dimming has been around for donkey’s years, so what’s new – it got smart! Karen Chugg, from Intelligent Abodes, comments ‘lighting control allows you to combine a variety of light fittings, dimmed to the perfect level to suit the task and show off your home. It is a great solution for multi-functional areas, like open plan kitchen, dining & living spaces, where you undertake lots of different activities – simply press a button and your lighting transforms the space for cooking, dining, relaxing, entertaining’.

Bright white kitchen with smart lighting control and beautiful mesh ceiling light

LED lighting

With the Halogen ban in 2018, LED lighting is becoming the light type of choice for all light fittings and we now have so many more options in terms of colour with warm and cool whites to suit the room. Karen Chugg, from Intelligent Abodes, “lighting control solutions provide smooth, silent dimming within a wide spectrum of light – so you can dim even very low watt LED lights and create the desired effect – highlighting features, walls, art work.” It’s a great solution to make the most of all your lighting – stunning pendants may not be used too often if the light they offer is too bright – but dimming allows you to show off that dramatic centrepiece whilst preserving the ambience; even functional lighting can add to the effect if dimmed to the right level.

LED pendant light on a grey background

Avoid Wall Clutter & Confusion

Karen Chugg, Intelligent Abodes, “one of the things I think is great about lighting control is that it eliminates the need for complicated planning of switching, which can be a real headache in large open plan living spaces. Automated lighting control enables you to have one switch to control all the lights you desire and have them clearly labelled so everyone knows what they do and if you and if you change your mind, no problem, they can just be re-programmed!”

Seasonal Smart Lighting

Your home should be designed around your needs. Lighting control is intuitive, responding to your requirements as they change throughout the day and the time of year. In winter months we need more light, earlier in the day as well as in the afternoon. Smart lighting can be set to change throughout the year, adjusting to the season, controlling natural and generated lighting to complement your living and improve how you feel!

For more information on smart lighting design and control,contact Karen at Intelligent Abodes for more information.