How Fibre Can Help You Meet the Need for Data Speed!

Fast fibre connection cabling with blue sparks

Lighting Up the Future – Low quality cables lead to low quality performance; it is essential that you design the correct cabling infrastructure and install the correct cabling during your build or renovation to ensure performance is nothing less than perfect every time.

Increase data speed in your home

We are living in a time of exponential data transmission with companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Samsung pushing magnitudes of data between smart devices, potentially creating a bottleneck and challenging even the highest specified residential network infrastructure. How do we resolve the problem and prepare for a greater onslaught of data in the future?

Fibre optic cabling has the capacity to transmit greater amounts of data at higher speeds and it is resistant to mechanical interference, which is frequently a problem with CAT cabling. There really is no conceivable device scenario that could exhaust the bandwidth potential of fibre. 4K UHD televisions offer four times as many pixels as full UHD but its bandwidth requirement to carry it uncompressed increases from approximately 4Gbps to 16Gbps, way beyond the current ideal of 10Gbps offered by CAT 6A.

Fibre optic cabling will allow you to support 8K televisions as soon it arrives, which is sooner than you think – 8K cameras will be pointing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

The way forward – not every device can work with fibre optic cabling at the current time, so what is the ideal infrastructure for now and in the future?

CAT 6A is designed for 10GBaseT will support higher frequency transmission of 10Gbps over a distance of 100m and up to 30Gbps on shorter runs. They are able to do this due to better build quality, involving higher copper windings and comprehensive shielding designed to protect multiple signal transmission to reduce losses. Not all CATs are created equal – choose the highest pedigree to ensure you get the best performance.

So the solution – every practical and economic reason suggests that you install the best copper CAT 6A and fibre optic cabling together to support all your data transmission requirements now and in the future!

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