Intelligent Abodes and Dekor Kitchens

Modern sitting room with smart lighting and blinds

Smart thinking – The Dekor Kitchens showroom in Exeter features the latest smart technology from Intelligent Abodes

The technology means its easy to adjust your smart lighting.

There was a time when the idea of a mobile phone seemed like something from a science fiction film. Then they became a status symbol for those with power and money. Now everyone wonders if they could manage without one.

A similar journey is happening in our homes, with the latest clever gadgets that allow us to control smart lighting, music, curtains and blinds at the touch of a button or by a simple voice command. A growing number of people are incorporating them into their homes.

“Alexa – turn on the bedroom lights,” commands Karen Chugg, speaking to the Echo Dot device built into the wall above a built-in cupboard. The lights obediently come on and a pair of automated blinds glide smoothly down.

Upstairs in the Exeter showroom of Dekor Kitchens. Karen’s company, Intelligent Abodes, now features its smart living accessories alongside the gleaming Leicht kitchens and beautiful bedrooms on display at Dekor. It’s a perfect partnership, as Paul Nebbett, co-director of Dekor, explains: “When people buy a kitchen they are really interested these days in how the lighting will work – not just the task lighting but also the ambient lighting, how that affects the feel of the space. The technology from Intelligent Abodes means it’s easy to adjust the lighting to suit what you want.”

High tech dining room with smart lighting

Incorporate the latest tech into your dining room

Smart solutions are no longer just for the wealthy

Karen points to a small panel beside a bed, offering a choice of lighting options from Good Morning to Good Night. Lights dim and curtains or blinds adjust to suit what the homeowner wants. It’s a bespoke service that can be tailored to suit the customer.

“We recently worked with a client suffering from the eye condition macular degeneration who needed a consistent light level in her home. We were able to integrate a weather monitoring system with the lighting control so that the lighting will automatically be adjusted with the changing weather to maintain a consistent light level in the home.”
Paul and Karen are keen to stress that these smart solutions are no longer just for the wealthy.
“It’s not an aspirational thing now,” says Paul. “It’s becoming everyday and affordable, with clever solutions for every budget. And it’s not about being too lazy to get up and draw the curtains- it’s about convenience. These things have a real usefulness.”

There’s also the added bonus of increasing security by being able to pull blinds and turn on lights even if you are not at home.

And as Karen indicates, if you think these smart systems are something you might like one day, the sensible idea is to get them installed at the same time as you put in the new kitchen or bedroom. “You are going to have upheaval
then anyway, so why not do it at the same time?”

As well as the smart living devices, Inte lligent Abodes is also offering a range of soft furnishings like cushions and throws in the Dekor showroom – in response to requests from customers.

Come and see out smart solutions in action at the Marsh Barton showroom where we will be on hand to give demonstrations and answer any questions: 3 The Venture Centre, Yeoford Way,Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 BLP.


Intelligent Abodes showroom with smart lighting and blinds

Intelligent Abodes held an open day in October in partnership with Dekor Kitchens at the Marsh Barton showroom where both companies are based.

Guests were able to view Dekor’s beautiful range of contemporary German kitchens and traditional UK kitchens, as well as a new fitted bedrooms range.

Members of the Dekor team were on hand to answer any queries and discuss potential projects.

The Intelligent Abodes team was also there, showcasing our smart home products like voice-activated lighting and automated blinds.

The open day was an opportunity to demonstrate how both companies can complement one another on a project.

During the day NEFF home economist gave cookery demonstrations, providing an opportunity to see their innovative appliances in action and show off their iconic slide and hide ovens and stunning hobs.

For more information or to arrange a visit, contact Karen Chugg on 01392 823398 or email


Karen Chugg demonstrates the smart lighting control to guests

Karen Chugg demonstrates the smart lighting control to guests at the Open Day.


Tim Chugg with guests at the Open Day

Tim Chugg with guests at the Open Day