Smart Control, Smart Living

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Smart systems enable you to transform your home into the ultimate retreat where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Smart Home

A smart home enables you to connect lighting, heating, security, curtains or blinds, music or TV, giving you seamless control over all aspects of your home, so you achieve the perfect balance of comfort, convenience and fun. Smart systems not only allow you to control everything on one app, but they can also be integrated – press one button to adjust lights, close blinds and initiate the TV.

Smart Security

Security systems allow you to create an imaginary line around your home, and if triggered by an intruder, you can have an array of lights coming on in the home. Karen Chugg from Intelligent Abodes comments “One of the things I love is smart lighting, as lighting impacts on how a space looks and feels. We, as designers and installers of lighting and lighting control, have long understood the power of light and we know that well-designed lighting allows you to creatively enhance decor, space and features in your home.”

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control provides smooth, silent dimming, so you can combine a range of lights to create the perfect ambience; and reduce wall clutter, as one switch does all the lights, clearly labelled so even your visitors can use them!’

Lighting Control

Lighting control combined with automated blinds/curtains can help you to manage the light more effectively. Not only that, with the latest in technology, modern fabrics can diffuse light and prevent glare from washing out a television screen, protect furniture, fine art and even wood surfaces, from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Whether it be lighting, heating, blinds, surveillance, audio visual, Intelligent Abodes are an award winning company that can provide a full end to end professional service.

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