Technology can declutter your home

Smart TV with sliding screen

Isn’t it fascinating how our mood changes with the seasons and the impact that has on our living spaces. In winter there is a desire to be cosy and to surround ourselves with familiar objects.

Then as soon as the Christmas decorations are down there is an awareness of space again and as the light starts to change with the lengthening days, I am inspired by the renewed colours, I become acutely aware of decorating needs and feel driven to create a sense of space and to remove the clutter in order to feel bright and uplifted.

Tips on how technology can help to declutter your home

  1. Clever technology can enable your spaces to be fully functional but still smart and attractive. If you are renovating or building, give some consideration as to what you may want to seamlessly integrate into the fabrication of the building – for example thermostats, speakers, light switches. Changing technology has led to control solutions that can be discreetly installed to perfectly complement your decor, ensuring that your space not only works for you but looks as it was designed to look!
  2. Listening to your favourite music is a great way to uplift your mood, help you relax or just have fun! However, surrounding yourself with audio-visual equipment and clutter can have the opposite effect. Consider incorporating a music system (such as NuVo) that is discreetly hidden in one location, giving you access to music in every room of the house and controlled neatly with a smart tablet.
  3. Consider some of the beautifully designed discreet speakers that can blend with your decor or be completely hidden in the plasterwork!
  4. Altering your colour schemes, soft furnishings, curtains and blinds can bring a welcome change often with minimal effort or cost. Consider smart window solutions as Lutron to add style and help you efficiently manage your privacy, light and heat to ensure your living and working space are always comfortable, protected and super smart.
  5. Smart TV viewing is great, but it can equate to lots of equipment – surround sound, sound bars, media boxes. You can have all the benefits of the latest in media technology, but discreetly hide all the boxes away. You can even hide the TV – behind your artwork!
  6. Consider your lighting and make your space work for you – instantly change the mood with lighting control – one touch of a button and you can create the perfect lighting scene for cooking, relaxing, entertaining. Lighting control can work well with light therapy and colour changing solutions to uplift your mood and increase motivation!

There are lots of ways to enhance and declutter your home, many utilising the latest in smart technology. If you would like any more information or to discuss some ideas, please contact Karen at Intelligent Abodes