The Smart Kitchen – invest in technology

White modern kitchen with central light & bar stools

Smart Lighting Control

The requirements for lighting in the kitchen can be so variable, as we use that space for so many activities – cooking, relaxing, dining, entertaining, watching TV and reading. Smart lighting control allows you to adjust the lighting to suit the task – so you can move seamlessly from one thing to the other, creating the perfect ambiance and avoiding the need for a bank of confusing switches on the wall!

Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron lighting control can offer a dimmed lighting mode that is gentle on the eyes as the sun rises in the morning. As the natural light of the day increases, Lutron blinds gradually open so you can effectively manage the light during the day to create the perfect ambiance; ideal for those variable weather conditions!

Music and TV Control

Enjoy your favourite music all over the kitchen, either from discreetly hidden speakers, or from the contemporary designed free-standing systems from Bowers &Wilkins or Bang & Olufsen. Discreet TV solutions mean you can enjoy your favourite programme and preserve those clean contemporary spaces, with precision lifts allowing you to hide TV panels behind a picture.

Smart Cooking

For those of you that like the idea of more integration, cooker manufacturers have linked with voice control – so if you have your hands full, you can reduce or increase the temperature and interact with the timer just by talking to it.

automated blinds covering half window with views across river

Experience Integrated Technology

At Intelligent Abodes we can help you to create your perfect Smart Home. Our Showroom at Dekor Kitchens in Exeter highlights how you can seamlessly integrate technology, giving you a real vision of how it can work in your home. Whether it be lighting, heating, blinds, security or audio visual, we are an award-winning company that can provide a full end-to-end professional service.

If you would like to make and appointment to experience home control in action at our showroom, get in touch. by contacting Karen Chugg on 01392 823398 or drop her an email.

Modern light in smart white kitchen with tap and chairs