Use technology to make your home relaxing

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Cosy up with technology, A strange concept you may think – but most of us have been using technology to enhance our comfort for years.

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So how can you use technology to make your home relaxing and a cosy haven in the winter months? Karen Chugg, Managing Director of Exeter based ‘Intelligent Abodes’ explains:

At this time of year generated lighting can really improve our living space. automated lighting control solutions, like Lutron can be installed in main living areas, making it as easy as a touch of button to change scene setting from cooking to relaxing and entertaining.

Home Control Solutions, like Vantage and RTi, offer one step solutions to allow you to control much of your home so you achieve a desired effect instantly. For example with the press of one button you can transmit a room into your perfect TV watching environment, with dimmed lights, closed blinds and the TV initiated.

This time of year is perfect for watching our favourite films – with the introduction of 4K, OLED and curved TVs, you can really feel like you are immersed in a film.

The first thing I noticed about the Samsung curved TV, was the depth of picture and that it felt like 3D. This is because the image on a curved screen exists on multiple depth planes, with a physical foreground and background like a 3D image.

LG is the first company to combine OLED and 4K combining unbelievable colours, brightness and contrast offering really sharp detailed images, drawing you into any film or programme.

These TVs work well with the Amazon Fire TV 4K which allows you to stream ultra HD films and TV Shows with voice search to help you find the programmes you want to watch.”

New improved soundbars incorporate an array of speakers in one unit that can be neatly mounted underneath the TV, enabling you to have surround sound without the need for cabling or having several speakers located around the room. Many of the new soundbars, like Heos and Yamaha, not only offer surround sound for your favourite films, but they also allow you to access your music and stream from your favourite service – so you have a music and surround sound system all in one!

And finally, heating solutions like Heatmiser and Nest, not only save you energy and money, they also enable you to turn your heating up before you get home on cold winter evenings!

Visit and find out how we can help you make your home more relaxing with smart technology in action at our Exeter showroom  contact Karen at Intelligent Abodes for an appointment.

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