Enlighten your home – well-designed smart lighting

beautifully lit sitting room with views across city

Intelligent Abodes share the latest trends in lighting that will transform your home. There are many benefits to well-designed smart lighting – it impacts on how a space looks and feels, transforming a so-so room into a fabulous living space.

Smart Lighting Control

We, at Intelligent Abodes, designers and installers of lighting and smart automated lighting control, have long understood the power of light and its ability to define, highlight and transform.

One of the biggest trends in the world of lighting has been the introduction of lighting control – dimming has been around for donkey’s years, so what’s new – it got smart! Smart lighting control solutions, like Lutron, provide smooth, silent dimming within a wide spectrum of light – so you can dim even very low watt LED lights and create the desired effect. Its a great solution to make the most of all your lighting.

Connect your Lighting

Lighting control connects lighting, allowing you to combine different lights, dimmed to different levels to create a ‘scene’ e.g. ‘cooking scene’ may have bright lights over the kitchen worktops and cooker, with dimmed lights in the living area to create warmth and space. You can also connect your lighting to other devices, such as an alarm or CCTV, so if triggered lights illuminate the house, a great deterrent for any would be burglar.

Benefits to Smart Lighting

There are other benefits too – by adjusting the brightness and the colour of light, we can mimic natural light more effectively, promoting health and well-being. Smart lighting systems enable you to manage the lux levels, so it changes in response to the changing light outside, so you always have the perfect light level, great for those four seasons in one day!

Save Money and de-clutter

On a more practical level, lighting control improves energy management, can save energy in our home. It also avoids wall clutter, as it doesn’t require a bank of wall switches like conventional systems, you just have one switch clearly labelled, so you and your visitors don’t end up frustrated while you figure what switch controls which light!