Working from home – things to consider

beautifully lit sitting room with views across city

It’s great to have the flexibility to work at home, but how do you create the right environment for productivity and business success?

Get connected

One of the most important aspects for me when I work at home is connectivity, so all my devices are linked; computer, phone, tablet and printers, but also, I am connected to cloud services, clients, colleagues and business partners.

A robust, reliable network is a must for the success of any business, so when designing your work space, give consideration to the network topology. As a “Big Dog’ installer, Intelligent Abodes are approved to supply and integrate Ruckus – what I particularly like about it is that it offers best in class performance, creating a mesh which allows signal steering to give better connectivity where it is needed. The other important aspect to consider is digital security and to ensure that your system is designed to stop unwanted users. It is great to be in touch for business purposes, but it also gives me the opportunity to inject some humour into the day with light-hearted texts and emails.

Set the Stage with Smart Lighting Control

A few simple changes to the lighting, combined with smart lighting control, which provides you with the ability to change the lighting instantly to suit the task, can really make a difference. The lighting can also be adjusted to suit the time of year, so in winter months we need more light and in summer months less. A simple concept with a smart solution – the lighting control is intuitive, responding to your needs and controlling natural and generated lighting to complement your space whatever the season.

automated blinds in dining room with views across river

Find your comfort Zone with Smart Heating Control

A similar concept is smart heating control which has become very intuitive, with the introduction of Heatmiser and Nest, as they respond automatically to changing needs – very useful if your working hours are varied. When you go out they automatically reduce the temperature and increase it again on your return – perfect for creating the ideal warmth for working!

Be the Boss

There are other things you can do to make your home convert to an office space when required like using your TV for presentations; linking music to your phone so it automatically turns off when someone rings and now, with Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa, we can integrate smart voice control into all your activities, making things even easier and fun!

If you would like help and advice setting up your home office, get in touch.