Make the Most of Your View with Beautifully Crafted Smart Blinds

Smart blinds moving down window in alignment

A Smart Solution

Beautifully crafted smart blinds add a new dimension to your home decor and protect your home, by installing materials that safeguard your possessions and the fabrication of your home from harmful ultra-violet rays, managing glare, so you don’t have to move to a shady place in your home on a sunny day. In Summer they keep rooms cooler and in Winter they keep the warmth in – a simple concept with a Smart solution for energy saving.

Our homes are designed to make the most of the view and the light, so it is important that any shading solution is discreet, graceful and easy to control. When at home, select the pre-set button on the light switch so the blinds descend to just to the right level to protect your favourite sofa – but what about the days you forget. Do not panic one press of the button on your smart phone and all is well!

We are pleased to supply and install Lutron blinds, including the new Palladiom range, offering the ultimate in luxury, design and quality. Motors are whisper quiet and the patented technology ensures blinds stay aligned for a balanced, beautiful look, giving you synchronisation in one room or throughout your home.

Window solutions can be integrated into the fabric of the building, if you are building or renovating, or battery-operated blinds to ensure that none of your existing decor is disturbed.

Smart white Palladiom blind