The Latest Technology Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Technology is on many Christmas lists for 2017, especially with the launch of new smart phones, watches and increased interest in voice-activation. So what are the latest developments in the world of technology for gift ideas for the tech fans in the family and for those of you that want a relaxing and cosy home this Christmas?

The latest TV technology

On long winter evenings, especially at Christmas time, we often have the opportunity to watch our favourite programmes or listen to our music. Both Samsung and Sony have introduced new TVs recently – Sony has brought out its first OLED TV and Samsung the new mirror TV, which behaves much like a two way mirror, functioning perfectly as a TV when on, but disguised as a mirror when off – the perfect way to disguise technology in the living room. The new Sony OLED 4K HDR offers an outstanding picture, design package and a clever speaker system incorporating acoustic surface technology, so the sound comes from the full screen; the combination of the awesome visual and sound gives you a truly immersive experience – you will never want to go to the cinema again!

Delivering Movies, music and programs to your TV

Once you have your TV, there are some new products to deliver the film and music – Amazon Fire HD is their highest resolution product to date supporting Dolby Atmos sound. However, if you want to also experience Dolby Vision then I would recommend the latest 4K Apple TV, you not only have an endless choice of programmes and films to watch, all accessible with Siri, but they have brought it all to you in the highest resolution & sound. In addition, it can be linked with your iTunes to upgrade any films in your library to 4K

Amazon Fire HD
4K Apple TV

The ultimate headphones

For the ultimate sound, it has to be Bowers & Wilkins, offering both style and quality for your music or surround sound for that ultimate cinema experience. Bowers & Wilkins have recently launched their award winning noise cancelling
wireless headphones. These stylish over ear speakers not only offer amazing quality sound, but they are smart too – automatically playing and pausing as you take them on & off. They offer 22 hours of sound and when not in use they slip into battery conserving mode. These headphones make the perfect present in a family home where everyone likes to wander around listening to their oven music; create your own silent disco!

Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones

Voice-activated home control

This year has really seen an increase in voice-activated home control, following the launch in 2016 of Apple HomeKit which utilises Siri and Amazon Echo which utilises Alexa. Both these companies have developed this technology further, Amazon have recently launched Amazon Echo Spot, a great alternative to the traditional alarm clock, and it still gives you all the smart functioning via Alexa. We, at Intelligent Abodes, are integrating Alexa and Apple Siri into many of our smart home automation solutions – so you get the sophisticated control and the ability to use voice control. Its a great solution that can expand with your changing needs.

Amazon Echo Spot

Smart lighting control

Smart Lighting control has never been easier with the introduction of the Apple HomeKit, allowing you to dim light bulbs from your iPhone or for a more sophisticated lighting scene, Lutron allows integration of several light fittings to create the
perfect task, depending on what you want to do – watch a film, entertain or relax. For the ultimate in cosy settings, you can integrate control of the fire and close the curtains/blinds, all at the touch of a button.

In this year, Lutron released the Connect Bridge which integrates with Lutron Homeworks lighting control and Apple Siri. I think this product has been a great solution for the home control market, as it offers sophisticated lighting control that can be controlled through talking; what could be easier – great when you come home on a winter evening with heavy bags of shopping – just tell the lights to come on!

Experience Integrated Technology

At Intelligent Abodes we can help you to create your perfect Smart Home. Our Showroom at Dekor Kitchens in Exeter highlights how you can seamlessly integrate technology, giving you a real vision of how it can work in your home. Whether it be lighting, heating, blinds, security or audio visual, we are an award-winning company that can provide a full end-to-end professional service.

If you would like to make and appointment to experience home control in action at our showroom, get in touch. by contacting Karen Chugg on 01392 823398 or drop her an email.

Lutron Connect Bridge

As well as enhancing our living environment, smart control systems, particularly lighting, heating, blinds and curtains – can really help save energy and reduce bills. In other words we use less electricity to light and heat our homes, as we target needs and reduce losses with energy efficient blinds and curtains.

The latest in heating control

The new range of heating control systems – Nest and Heatmiser respond intuitively so that heating is used efficiently when required, minimised when you are away or temperature increases and all without the need for re-programming. Gone out for the evening and feeling chilly, turn the temperature up on your smart phone, so all is cosy for your return.

What makes a cosy Christmas?- Lighting, warmth, music, favourite film and the good company of family and friends. Smart control can meet most of those needs at the touch of a button or by just talking to it, just add your family or friends for perfection!

If you would like to make and appointment to experience home control in action at our showroom, get in touch. by contacting Karen Chugg on 01392 823398 or drop her an email.

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