Planning for the Future

Smart home with coloured diagonals

Are you building or renovating your forever home? Here are some things to consider.

Future proofing your home

Future proofing your home is not just about preparing for future technologies, it is also about ensuring it can be your forever home. Older age is not something that most of us like to think about, but with each passing year, we often find we have new issues to contend with, like changing eyesight. When planning your home, ensure it is capable of managing your needs with increasing age, as no one likes the idea of moving in later life.

There has been a growing interest amongst interior designers, architects and smart home specialists on how to increase safety and accessibility in the home, and they have been exploring new resources to improve daily living and security. Smart home control provides a ‘helping hand’, supporting independent living in older age, which can have benefits emotionally and financially!

Automated Blinds Linked with your Lighting

The integration of automated blinds or curtains with your lighting control allows you to manage the lighting to suit the time of year, so in winter months we need more light. A simple concept with a smart solution; the lighting and shading control can work together intuitively responding to your needs, controlling natural, generated light and glare to complement your living and sleeping spaces – great for those dark winter days!

Automatic blinds on window with a view of river

Smart Lighting

Lighting control connects, allowing you to combine different lights, dimmed to different levels to create a scene suitable for each task e.g. cooking, dining. The lighting is controlled simply by using a wall switch, smart device, voice or even be pre-programmed. There are other benefits too – by adjusting the brightness and the colour of light, we can mimic natural light more effectively, promoting health and well-being. Smart lighting systems enable you to manage lux levels, so it automatically adjusts in response to the changing light outside, so you always have the perfect light level, great for those four seasons in one day!

Smart Blinds/Curtains

Smart blinds and curtains are not only easy to use and control, but they help with security, giving your home a ‘lived’ in look when you are away, and they can manage light, glare and heat effectively.

Smart Control

Smart control can be invaluable, as it makes the home more intuitive for changing needs; for example, the colour, font and text size on your control system can be completely personalised, making it easier for you to use. The system can have ‘favourite’ buttons, so you have a simple one step solution, rather than carrying out a series of tasks!

Being Connected

One of the most important aspects is connectivity, for devices in the home, but also real time connection to friends and family, providing social and helpful interaction wherever they may be. Smart Networking keeps you safely connected to your home, whether you are there and working from home or away!

Voice Enabled Home Control

Manage every aspect of your home with some simple phrases via Alexa or Amazon Echo, managing your home has never been easier

Smart Security

CCTV, especially when combined with geo-fencing, allows you to accurately protect your home and surrounding gardens, distinguishing effectively from intruders and animals in the garden. Door or gate entry systems can be controlled using a smart phone or tablet – so you can answer your door, and no one will know if you are at home or food shopping at the local supermarket!

The ideal security set up are those systems that are integrated into the heart of a ‘smart home’, and can work alongside the lighting, smoke alarms, water, gas, blinds and heating control. This sort of system can keep you and your family safe in many ways, with simple control from a smart phone, tablet and critically, from wherever you are in the world.”

Plan your Cabling Infrastructure for your needs now and in the future!

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